Thursday, June 30, 2011

Church on Fire in Kalamazoo

These are the signs to watch for.

Just read an article that made me quite excited. It seems that a church in Kalamazoo is beginning to experience revival. Reportedly Second Reformed Church on Nichols Road was on fire this morning. There were billows of smoke coming from the roof of the church, obviously a metaphor for the presence of God.

What truly is amazing is that the local news blog, "Kalamazoo News" picked up on it and posted about the exciting things happening at the church for all of the community to see. After many churches in Kalamazoo have been praying "Send Your Fire," and singing "Fire Fall Down," it seems one has gotten their prayers answered.  I predict that this event will send hundreds flocking to the church, seeking spiritual renewal and a fired passion for God.

I assume the charismatic churches in the area will be quite jealous of this outpouring, but I hope they respond with a renewed fervor to see a similar blaze in their churches. With any luck, they won't turn to criticizing each other on the balance between fire songs, (such as Set a Fire, Consuming Fire, or Refiner's Fire) and rain songs (such as Let It Rain, Freedom Rains, Holy Spirit Rain Down).

Regardless of the possible backlash, this church should be commended on their fervent efforts. To see a large church on fire for God on a Thursday morning is an achievement that none should shun.

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