Sunday, July 31, 2011

Recording Sunday Morning Worship

Here's to taking step two: Actually run with the goals you write down.

At church we have an mp3 recorder that we use to record the messages on sunday. We usually (never) record worship, because we don't have our drums mic'ed. Also, we don't have a multi-track recorder. So today we had a special request and we ran a mix out of Aux 1 straight to our handheld recorder. Aaron, one of our amazing sound technicians did his best to get a good mix using headphones to balance the two vocals, keyboard, acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.

After listening to the track, we found that the bass and keyboard were missing from the mix for some reason. I spent this afternoon adding back in the keys, bass and drum tracks using my keyboard and GarageBand. I have ProTools, but it takes so long to get set up that it's not worth it all the time. Also I used some good old fashioned EQ, some light reverb and some multi-band compression to smooth this morning's track a bit. Props to the new features on GarageBand. The editing tools have gotten at least 10 times better since the last version of iLife. There are parameters coming out the headphone jack! No, not literally.

In the end we got 4 minutes of "I Exalt Thee" sounding pretty good! Out of this I got practice using GarageBand's new features and I have a great little track to give the worship leader! So it was definitely a success. I'd love to hear about recording projects you're up to. Comment here or shoot me an Email:

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  1. That's awesome. Maybe we can add a mic to capture the drums and bass for future use?
    Thanks for helping make the worship great at New Day!


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