Saturday, August 13, 2011

3 Tips To Worship More Skillfully With Music

God deserves a sacrifice of praise. When we worship with music, is what we're playing a sacrifice? Is it easy or cheap? David said that he wouldn't sacrifice to the Lord that which cost Him nothing.

Here are a few tips to worship more skillfully when it comes to music.

Psalms 33:3: Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully on the strings, with loud shouts.

Sing to Him a new song.
That means be creative and make it your own. Don't just play the song like they do on the CD. Don't just sing it like Kim Walker or Chris Tomlin does. Use your God-given gift of creativity and offer a new song to God. A song from your heart, and not just from the top of the CCLI charts. Make sure that every time you worship, It's real. It's fresh. It means something to you.

Play skillfully on the strings. 
Musicians and vocalists, don't be satisfied where you are! Be in a constant state of growth in your music. Don't let yourself become stagnant, falling into comfortable patterns or progressions. Stretch yourself, God deserves it. Also, try doing your songs without music. Memorize it beforehand, so that you can concentrate on improving your arrangement instead of just following along. You'll also experience the added bonus of beging able to close your eyes, look out at the crowd or at your team without being glued to your music stand. (And it makes the stage look better too.)

With loud shouts. 
Maybe the psalmist is talking about loud, inward, mental shouts that only you and God can hear, but I don't think so. These aren't little shouts, but LOUD SHOUTS. I think the message here is worship with desperation, excitement, and overall joy. This isn't a worship that's focused on the worshipper, but one that is a thankful, praising shout to the one being worshipped.

God is sending a message to His worshippers:

"Worship me with creativity, skill, and public celebration"

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