Thursday, August 11, 2011

Worship is a Response

Songs aren't worship, music isn't worship. Worship is not the 30 minutes before the sermon.

It's not an event or a concert.

Worship is a response to God. 

We love God because He first loved us. - That's worship.

We thank God for what He's done for us - That's worship.

We increase Jesus' reputation because of how great He is to us - That's worship.

We offer our lives as living sacrifices because of what He's done - That's worship.

We seek God because He says He will be found. - That's worship.

We forgive others as God forgives us - That's worship.

We obey God because He commands it. - That's worship.

We honor God because we see that He deserves it. - That's worship.

Worship is ascribing more worth to God. 

It's a choice to live selflessly for His sake.

It's putting Him above ourselves. 

Worship is a big concept.

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